10.00 am – 11.00 am: Launch Open Call Art&D program 2013 @ Liedts-Meesen Foundation

After a small breakfast at the Liedts-Meesen Foundation the new Open Call will be officially launched. The iMinds Art & D team will explain the objectives and reveal the theme of this Art&D  program.

With Wim De Waele (CEO iMinds), Prof. Dr Caroline Pauwels (Director SMIT iMinds), Nico Verplancke (Director Market Strategy iMinds) & Christophe De Jaeger (Curator).

Location: Liedts-Meesen Foundation-  Paarse Zaal

Free access (registration obligatory)       


11.00 am– 12.00 pm: Visit Update_4 / Biennial for New Media Art 

Alain Liedts, director of the Liedts-Meesen Foundation will give an introduction to the biennial Update_4  followed by a visit to the exhibition.

This year the foundation presents the New Technological Art Award 2012. The resulting exhibition is a combination of  works from the nominees combined with top works from international New Media Art. 

Location: Liedts-Meesen Foundation

Free access (registration obligatory)


12:30 pm - 02:00 pm: Lunch @ Creative Media Days


02:00 pm- 06:00 pm : Free acces to Creative Media Days & Living Labs 

Artists, designers and people from the cultural field are invited for a free visit of the Creative Media Days demonstration floor. This playful environment will allow you to spot new technologies, fresh faces worth following and good ideas worth funding: an ideal place to experiment, relax and get inspired.  

Between 2 and 4 pm different lectures on; experimentation, creativity, Future Internet and Social Innovation are organized by ENoLL, the European Network of Living Labs. 

At the Art&D stand you can meet the organizers, professors, artists and researchers of the Art&D program. This is the perfect time to find out more about the various structures and specializations the Art&D program has to offer.  The artists and researchers from the Art&D team present throughout the fair the projects realized in 2012. Driven by the Open Call Augmented Reality, Vadim Vosters, Marleen Andela, Lawrence Malstaf, Duncan Speakman, Stijn Deprez and Nele Fack show the results of a year of intensive work among guest artists Bart Stolle, Frederik De Wilde, Liesje Reyskens and Crew. 

Location: Creative Media Days ICC Ghent

Free access (registration obligatory)


EVENING PROGRAM @ Cultural Centre Vooruit 

08.00 pm : Jérôme Bel & Cédric Andrieux  (performance)

We close our program at Vooruit that puts Jérôme Bel on the bill! The first 15 inscriptions for the Art&D day program obtain a free duo ticket for this performance.  French performer Jérôme Bel is known for his choreographies based on the lives and careers of the dancers he creates them for. This is the fifth part in Bel’s series of biographical choreographies. It follows the life of dancer Cédric Andrieux, who will perform the choreography himself. 

Location: Vooruit Ghent  

Free access to the first 15 inscriptions (registration obligatory)



Registration for the Art&D Day is obligatory via our website


Creative Media Days – ICC (International Convention Center), Van Rysselberghedreef 2 bus 1, Citadelpark, B – 9000 Ghent. 

Stichting Liedts-Meesen Foundation – Zebrastraat 32/001 – 9000 Ghent -

Cultural Centre / Kunstencentrum Vooruit vzw – Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23 - 9000 Ghent -


* The Creative Media Days follow this program only on November 7 2012 and offers free access to artists and designers.On all other days an entrance fee of 100 EUR applies.